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#07Publish on Your Own Site

A personal site gives us the freedom over our own means of expression:

If we’re going to express ourselves publicly on the web, why not do so on our own terms, and disseminate it on our social accounts afterwards? This technique is known as POSSE, which stands for Publish on your Own Site, Syndicate Everywhere. Publish your content once, then share it to the rest of the world through all your other channels!

You’ll also remain more in control over the content you own and have to rely less on third parties, such as Facebook, for the stuff that matters the most to you.

CMS to consider

CMS stands for Content Management System: software that allows you to write things on the web without coding skills.

Here are a few notable ones (but there are hundreds more out there):

Other CMSs:

Federated platforms and micro-blogging

Static site generators

Static site generators are a little more technical, but they can ultimately lead to much leaner solutions.

Instead of dynamically regenerating a page each time a visitor lands on the site, a static site is served as-is, like a simple document, which makes it a reliable, fast and secure solution.

A few generators:

…and dozens of others!


Your site must live somewhere: you’ll need a little hosting spot on the Internet.

Here are a few platforms which can be used to host static sites conveniently, for free:

…or else, bring your own server or share one with a friend!